Kvelling About Bubby's Kitchen

“This is my second time seeing Bubby's Kitchen and I would go back and see it again in a minute! We brought Bubby's Kitchen to Saratoga Springs as part of our 2014 Jewish Cultural Festival and it was a wonderful crowd pleaser. The audience was diverse in age and background which made it's reception all the more wonderful. It appealed to so many on very different levels but everyone enjoyed Shira's beautiful voice, and the warmth, humor and pathos with which she conveys her story. It is a show not to be missed!”

Phyllis Wang, Saratoga Jewish Cultural Festival 2014

“Through clever devices, Shira made a one-woman show seem like a cast of plenty!”


“Along with the three cups of wisdom and two cups of matzoh meal, Shira adds a pinch of laughter, a pinch of tears and a gallon of brilliant voice. This show really wowed me and I hope it reaches many more people in the years to come because Judith and Shira’s stories really need to reach the masses.”


“If Bubby's Kitchen plays in your area - see it! I laughed, cried and longed for the taste of latkes, kuggel and brisket (no p'tcha please)


“"Oh great, I have to follow Barbara Streisand"
at 92ndStY performance as Alan Richman followed my act on stage..”

Alan Richman, GQ Magazine

“The 150 people who attended were all thrilled to be there - your voice...the stories...your creativity....surpassed all our expectations - and we had HIGH expectations!”

Heidi Thirer

“I was honored to be in the Audience at the JCC in Allentown to such a moving, personal tribute to an inspirational woman and an amazing family.”

Rabbi Jonathan Gerard

“There are some events in life that you just must see.”


“Your warmth, insight, love and humor just cast a magic spell over all of us.”

Lauren Weinberger