What's a Bubby?

Bubby technically is Yiddish for grandmother but the term encompasses so much more.

A Bubby is the center of the Jewish home, the balebuster (homemaker) extraordinaire. She cooks all day, making gefilte fish from scratch, baking mandel bread and honey cake all the while serving a glass of tea and an earful of advice to the neighbors.

Bubbys often have all of the answers, even if you didn’t know you were asking; very little in the world can’t be fixed by a bowl of Bubby’s chicken soup.

A Bubby’s home is immaculate, her table full, and her heart overflowing with love.

I welcome you into my Bubby’s kitchen – I promise you’ll feel right at home!

  1. Faith Lubitz says:

    hi Shira-

    my mother lives in Albany NY and was just telling me she enjoyed your show last night at Proctor’s in Schenectady. So I had to look up your website and wanted to say I appreciate everything on here and wish I could have seen the show. I live in Amherst Mass. I’m sure you would have a good audience out here if you wanted to bring the show here. We just got done with the Pioneer Valley Jewish Film Festival and I saw several great films in that. Finally, I wanted to say thanks for spelling it ‘Bubby’ since I always thought of it that way but now my mother insists that ‘Booba’ is the correct spelling.’Booby’ really looks weird. best, Faith

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